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Pun Thai Coffee

Background Pun Thai Coffee

The Origin of Pun Thai Coffee The uniqueness of “Pun Thai Coffee” starts with the logo that is inspired by the Thai elephant, the Thai pavilion and the Golden Shower Tree. Our slogan is “Saporous, cool and sincere, truly Thai”. The brand color is “dark brown, the flower color”. All these and others are set and designed to create a branding that touches the heart and soul. This beautiful touch features the attractiveness and uniqueness of Thailand blended with modernity and simplicity – the lifestyle of the new generation. In turn, this attitude converges with the design of each shop that boasts the simple and easy relaxation of traditional Thai architect. The design features wooden-shed roof and raised platform, while the surrounding emphasizes lights and airiness. The materials used are a combination of woods and metals. It’s an international feeling that also reflects the Thai uniqueness of “Pun Thai Coffee”.

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