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How does the society benefit from our success?

This is an open-end question that all of us at PTG keep asking ourselves. It inspires us to create a host of social responsibility activities. One such activity is our initiative to donate funds to support the Tapasa Foundation and the Tapasa School under the concept "Education leads to occupations that provide lasting impact on society".

Social Responsibility Project

PTG Energy Public Company Limited

At PTG, we believe that, by providing someone with educational and occupational opportunities, we are giving them the chance to make a lasting impact on society. Therefore, PTG has always been committed to providing support to the Phradabos or Tapasa Foundation, a public merit organization established by His Majesty the King to offer vocational training to students with financial difficulties in order for them to become self-independent adults with income-generating occupations. PT customers also take part in this project because, every 5 stang per litre of fuels sold at PT service stations nationwide, will be donated to the Phradabos School, a school under HM the King's royal initiatives.
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