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PTG Franchise and Station Rental

PTG Energy Public Company Limited.

Become a PT Dealer

PTG Energy Public Company Limited (PTG), Thailand's full-service energy provider, is offering investment opportunities for people looking to invest in our expanding nationwide network of PT service stations. We offer stable, more rewarding returns on investment, despite the oil price fluctuation and look forward to having a long-term, fruitful partnership with you.

Qualifications of a PT Dealer

To become a PT Dealer, one must meet the following qualifications:

  • The applicant must be financially ready to wholly invest in the construction and the setting up of a new service station.
  • The applicant must be the owner or has acquired a long-term lease of the land on which the service station will be situated. The land must also be free from any legal obligations or obstacles which could prevent the new service station from being built.
  • The land must be located on either a highway or a main public road and has at least a frontage of 25 metres connecting with the road. If there is already a PT service station on the same road, the land must be at least 6 kilometres away from the existing service station on the same side, and at least 2 kilometres away from the existing service station on the opposite side of the same road.

PT Dealers will receive the following company incentives:

  • The company will provide construction design drawings, consultation and experts who will supervise the construction of the service station to ensure it meets all the requirements and standards of a PT service station.
  • The company will provide facilitation service to help the dealer acquire necessary licenses.
  • The company will provide the know-how of the business: the management, the overall operation of the service station, the training for station staff, the customer relations techniques, the maintenance of the service station, the quality control of fuel products as well as necessary safety measures – all to make sure that the dealer will be able to operate the new PT service station according to the required standards.
  • The company will loan to the dealer a number of sales support materials such as oil price signage and poles, exit/entrance signage, FACIA signage and PT logo signage.
  • If the dealer has a service station already built, the company will be responsible for the complete renovation in order to turn it into a proper PT service station – including re-painting, roof changing, and, repairing works of restrooms.
  • The company will also provide other kinds of support such as the 'Best Service Station' contest, the PT Flags in front of the service station and the staff uniforms.
  • The company will be responsible for organizing promotional, advertising and public relations campaigns for PTG products at appropriate intervals.

Dealers of PT service stations will receive the following returns on investment:

  • Under normal circumstances, the dealer will receive a 'Float Rate'

    Types of Service Stations No. of Fuel Dispensers Mortgage Securities (Value) Assets Terms of Agreement
    A-PARK 6 500,000 Highway signage and digital pricing signage 10 Years
    B-NORMAL 4 350,000 Highway signage and regular 3-metre-long pricing signage 7 Years
    C-MINI PUMP 4 250,000 Regular 6-metre-long pricing signage 7 Years

The mortgage securities are provided as a guarantee for any expenditure such as fine and loss or any other expenses incurred in cases where the dealer fails to comply with any terms and conditions agreed in the contract. The company will return those mortgage securities in full to the dealer at the termination of the contract when the dealer has been proven to have no liability with the company.

Renting of Existing Service Stations

PTG Energy Public Company Limited (PTG) is committed to generating continuous growth for its businesses and becoming one of Thailand's leading energy companies. The company also has a policy to rent/purchase any existing service station for further development into a PT service station.

For more information,

please contact: Sales and Business Development Section, Sales Department, Tel. 02-168-3377.

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